Brand Activations

At Bella Expressions, we live and breathe high-tech experiential events that create magic. Our events connect your brand and campaign with your guests, both in the room and online, and foster genuine connections among your attendees. We’re here to turn your vision into an electrifying reality!

Experience is everything

Bella Expressions understands how to connect brands with consumers in authentic, positive and targeted ways.
We use experiential events and activations to drive sales, awareness and brand advocacy.

Consumers today want more

Using innovative photo booth technology, Bella Expressions create high-impact, personalized events that reach consumers on an emotional level and create positive associations with brands.
We work to really understands your objectives so that we can deliver real results.

What else do we offer?

From generating awareness, to increasing visibility of your brand, to launching new products or sharing key company information.
Bella Expressions will help drive consumer engagement, extend your social reach and capture meaningful customer data.
From fully branded backdrops to customized, on-screen branding, all our photo experiences fully immerse consumers in your brand. And with our immediate sharing functionality, you can leverage the power of user-generated content to drive your brand online through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

 Why Bella Expressions?

Experience matters, and at BELLA, we’ve honed our expertise in helping companies spotlight their brands for potential consumers. With our deep corporate marketing roots, we know how to forge invaluable connections between consumers and brands. Let us infuse your corporate dinners, award ceremonies, employee recognition events, and beyond with that electrifying wow-factor you’ve been dreaming of!


BELLA will work with you to incorporate event hash tags, corporate logos as well as brand imagery to ensure maximum brand exposure.

commitment and enjoyment

Working together we get to understand your objectives so that we can achieve actual return on investment.