Bring the fun right to your guests.
Don’t wait for the excitement to start, start it yourself with the Roamer.


With the Roamer, you can take to the dance floor, the bar, inside or outside – wherever there are people, the Roamer can capture them.
The Bella Expressions Roamer might be small in size, but its got all the great technology you need to capture GIFs, Boomerangs and those all important selfies.


Every eye will be drawn to the ring of light that surrounds the Roamer and it won’t be long before guests are queueing up to have their moment in the spotlight.
Designed to drive maximum engagement, Bella Expressions can include branding, hashtags and corporate imagery to make sure everyone in the room knows who is behind the fun.
You’ll never miss a moment of fun as a Bella Expressions attendant captures every guest in the room.
Users can capture themselves with individually or in groups, taking as many selfies as they want and coming back time and again to try a different pose.


Putting your brand in lights is just the start of the Roamer’s power.
With the Roamer, we can help you really truly connect with every person in the room.
And these positive interactions create trust and build loyalty as consumers get to know your brand.
The Roamer also offers immediate social sharing, giving guests the chance to share the experience as well as your branded content to all social media platforms.
Bella Expressions can also use the Roamer to capture consumer data that you can use to build a comprehensive marketing database.